Liposuction surgery is the main procedure you need if you want to remove  excess deposits of fat located in specific areas of the body often resistant to other treatments or slimming regimes (tummy, buttocks, hips, knees or thighs..) to sculpt an improved shape to a patient’s body.

This intervention will only be possible, if the skin never suffered from any damage and succeeded in maintaining its elasticity.

The operation usually lasts between one and two hours, according to the grease quantities to be subtracted and the body areas to be treated.  A general anesthesia is necessary.

The purpose of the intervention is to reshape  particular parts of the body, without any intervention on the skin.

The surgeon performs the operation, using small incisions in the areas to be treated,  and involves using a cannula connected to a vacuum suction system to extract the surplus of fatty tissues.Scars from liposuction are very small and usually strategically placed and they also smooth out and fade over  time .

The procedure is not very painful, only the first day are unpleasant, resulting from the multiple contusions  that are normally generated from this type of intervention.


Abdominoplasty is used to ensure effectiveness where liposuction is  insufficient for those with significant abdominal distension, stretch marks and other muscles or skin lesions.

The operation usually lasts between two and three hours and requires a general anesthesia.

The purpose of the intervention is to reshape the tummy, to restore its flat aspect and firm consistency.
Depending on the need, The surgeon removes the deteriorated skin and tightens the healthy skin, eliminates excessive fat through liposuction and repairs muscular lesions.
Scars are usually horizontal and low on the abdomen and diminishes over time.The procedure is not very painful.
The duration of stay in the clinic is generally up to two or three nights, followed by up to ten days of recovery.
Wearing abdominal compression with an elastic bandage is required for a one month period.
Stable results are achieved within one year after the operation, besides a sharp improvement of the aesthetic of the figure a gain of ease comfort is appreciable.
A normal activity is regained gradually after two to three months.